Ringing in 2023 at Binomica Labs

It’s the first day of 2023 here at Binomica Labs – hopefully everyone’s had a wonderful and safe New Year’s eve, and congratulations for making it through yet another interesting year.  We wrapped up 2022 soft launching a call for submission to our publication, Willowlands  – you can read the full announcement here: I received… Continue reading Ringing in 2023 at Binomica Labs

Wrapping up 2022 – announcing the Willowlands!

We’re two days away from wrapping up an interesting, and perhaps a little tumultuous year 2022. And what a year it has been. Following our original Deinococcus radiophilus genome release in 2021 (you can find it here), 2022 saw us releasing two more genomes, both previously unsequenced novel organisms. First new genome of 2022 under… Continue reading Wrapping up 2022 – announcing the Willowlands!

ASM2088962v1 – Our first Genbank genome

Good evening, our fellow amateur biologists. The autumn is already in the rearview mirror with a cold snap heading our way, and the Thanksgiving week is already upon us. It’s hard to believe seven months passed since the last update and renewal of the Binomica Labs page. Somehow I felt it was only a month… Continue reading ASM2088962v1 – Our first Genbank genome

Welcome to Binomica

Interesting new things have been happening at the Binomica labs, and we’re updating our page to better directly deliver our new activities to anyone interested in us, or amateur research in general. Thanks to the inimitable Cris for the previous design, which had been the face of our research group for the last couple of… Continue reading Welcome to Binomica